Donna’s Story

Donna has worked for over 25 years in Intuitive Services.  Her services had included various types of readings, energy work, and some regional travel.  While her outer concern was around more Business Development, were Donna’s services and pricepoints really able to grow her business?  Moreover, given her wealth of experience, what were her strengths and what did Donna now want from her business?  Let’s find out…


“Recognizing my inexperience with online marketing and new business development, I worked with Robert for only 2 months- and what an education I received! I’m much less intimidated by and now able to bring better social and web elements into my marketing. But beyond that, Robert is a skilled Coach and that Business Coaching was the service I didn’t even know I needed.  New directions, old lagging services dropped, and big possibilities emerging that are so much better a fit for me- for my business. I found my sessions with Robert expanded my own perception of what my business was capable of being, and how new views about my Best Self and Strengths can truly drive my business growth. Coaching with Robert Ogilvie is time well spent- with surprisingly swift results. Thanks so much, Bobby!”


Now, Donna’s services are shifting towards a clear focus on training- which is what she loves to do anyway!  She now uses web and phone-based tools to train international clients, producing much deeper results to a more dedicated pool of clients over a longer period of time.  To open up capacity for this and enable her focus on training, she’s tightly regimented certain single-client low-margin services to specific timeblocks (ex: 2 afternoons per month, she’ll offer 4 back-to-back 60-minute readings) while some services have been removed entirely.  This freer schedule and more focused strategy has truly transformed how she experiences her business, embodying proof of both “Less Is More” and the aim of “Personal Fit” given her experience and strengths.


Donna Somerville, “Soul Solutions”