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Talent Edge is committed to helping bringing out the best in people through our leadership, team, coaching, and innovation work.  We leverage a range of staff, consultants, and partnerships to help achieve.  Which team members would fit for your organizational project?




Project Manager & Professional Coach               MBA Candidate, BA, BSc Hnrs

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“As a technology and business leader, I coach organizations in the innovation and service sectors to grow to the next level by training teams, engaging data-driven and agile strategy, developing new revenue, and strengthening processes.”




Technology Consultant, Educational Expert, & Assistant Professor

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“Established in the fields of technology, academia, design, and project management, I consult with start-ups and established companies to implement and optimize key technologies.

Within an organization, I use project management processes to analyze existing technology resources and workflows, gather functional requirements, optimize technology and training for new and current technologies, and ensure quality by supervising the resulting technology implementation.

I aggressively experiment with new technologies, always measuring an organization’s needs against expensive features. My dual roles as manager and maintainer of enterprise-wide technology resources enable me to communicate clearly with all stakeholders, from programmers and end-users to senior managers and project sponsors. I provide particularly effective visualizations of data and processes.

My goal is to build the organizational capabilities so that clients can assume control of their own technology systems as quickly and effectively as possible, while still providing after-the-project support as necessary. I naturally develop creative solutions and uncover opportunities for improvement across a broad range of interests. With international experience working with multi-site teams, multiple cultures, and neurodiverse team members, I am able to build competencies surrounding the technologies both within and across departmental lines.”