Registration – Team Training


DATE:  August 27th to September 1st, 2017

LOCATION:  Tara Manor Inn, 559 Mowat Dr, Saint Andrews, New Brunswick E5B 2P2




Team Coaching Meets Operations

Accelerate your company’s growth by enhancing emotional intelligence, identifying talent and team strengths, and developing execution capacity through better self and team leadership.

Why Attend This Intensive?

   Organizations want to grow and innovative startups know they need better people and processes to be able to scale up.  While we seem to struggle at sales and operations functions, we’re actually bottle-necked by the managerial and leadership capacities we’ve been able to naturally find in a few people and the spark of engagement still warm within our culture.   But we need more.
      Now, to bring out the best in our organizations, what we actually need to do is look at our own individual habits from the bottom up, invest in the emotional intelligence of our future team leaders, and practice better ways to engage and adapt our entire company.  In fact, our productivity and wellness depends upon it.
     Are you ready to take your teams to the next level?


Staff Coaches

Robert Ogilvie, Team & Leadership Coach

Francesco Ientile, Executive Coach & Management Trainer

Pricing & Package Options

– Packages start at $12,000 CAD for a minimum of 3 Team members.  This type of training is best for whole teams to attend (not just single individuals) to allow better client-centered team outcomes.
– Additional team members cost extra (+$4,000 or less).  Reach out for discounts based on larger groups and/or longer Team Coaching engagements post-intensive.
– Price includes all food and accommodations fees.  Does NOT include transportation to/from the Inn, or any added service or drink costs accrued during your stay.
– Included is 1 follow-up Team Coaching session in Fall 2017.  Reach out if you’re at longer Team Coaching engagements.
– Canadian Firms are eligible for a 67% training grant.  This includes all private or nonprofit sector firms, and is handled province by province.  Reach out if you are pursuing this option as you will need a document to pass along to your provincial labor training agency.
– Payments via Credit Card (through Square) or via Paypal.  If using Paypal, many payment methods can be accepted.  A down payment of $1,500 CAD per person is required by August 4th, 2017, to ensure seating and training grant accessibility.

Activities Include:

– Emotional Intelligence Competencies (SEI) and VIA Strengths assessments act as intelligence reports on the raw talents, team dynamics, and developmental growth areas of yourselves individually and as a team.  These become important diagnostic tools which can enhance Self-Awareness and direct effort to the right areas to produce better leaders.
– Team Development Roadmap & portfolio.  Over the course of this week, your team will be collecting assets- personal assessments, process maps, development roadmaps, etc- designed for future use when your team returns home to their workplace.
– Operations, Leadership, & Team Development training.  The Team Portfolio deliverables of our activities all fit within these areas, and thus organizations with needs in these areas are best suited to get optimum value out of this training.  This tends to mean growth stage Startups or growing Small-and-Medium Enterprise (SMEs) firms primarily, as well as any organization in better leadership development to navigate periods of change.
– Self & Team & Situational Leadership practices.  Ensuring ongoing development in our views, personal experience, and daily actions means finding ways to enact and daily practices that support these competencies- else all our sparks of insight and rich experiences aren’t consolidated into impactful results.
– 1-on-1 & Team Coaching.  Our approach demands an inside-out commitment to bringing out one’s personal best, which then affects the Team culture and habits in play.
– Follow-up Coaching session (post-intensive Fall 2017).  Real valuable results can only occur over time, and thus it’s very important we consolidate great plans and operational needs in practice.  Follow-up sessions are the best way to do this, schedule in the first few months of Fall 2017.

Intensive Format:

– Week-long duration at a private woodland Inn.  Talent Edge has privately book most of this hidden gem of an woodland Inn, the Tara Manor Inn, and thus we have the seclusion and committed participation to have a deep immersive week of transformative experiences together.
– 2-person rooms living among work Teammates.  Cultivating close connection with fellow Team members is critical for developing both external team rapport with others and but also internal awareness of our own neurotic habits of how we experience stress and handle boundaries.  These are 5 full days of programming and close living, so be prepared for that level of challenge and structure.
– Small team sizes of 12 maximum ensure the great rations of Coaches to Clients, and enable much better development outcomes.  Cramming dozen of people into a large room for “death by powerpoint” is a poor way to learn, entrain good practices, or bring out your own strengths and resourcefulness.
– Fitness and Mindfulness periods are included in our daily wellness practices.  Managing our energy and supporting wellness enables us to bring out our Best Selves more often, and also become more resilient to stress and change.  Modern organizational wellness research also confirms we need healthy “Practices Over Projects”, which often become bandaid after bandaid continually trying to play catch-up with our wellness.  In this way, healthy resilience is not a one-time goal but an ongoing way of living, personally and as an organization.
– 2 Live Field Exercises help ensure first-hand opportunities to practice skills directly and then reflect and discuss later.  Again, these are the fastest and deepest ways to consolidate learning and new habits.
– Nutritionist designed meals support our healthy lifestyle and organizational culture of wellness we’re all trying to embodies in our own companies.
– Internet access helps ensure we can communicate as needed with unstoppable work commitments.  However, mobile access may be limited throughout parts of normal daytime activities to help ensure participants focus on the direct experiences at hand and and take full dedicated advantage of the development opportunity they’ve committed to.