New Product Coaching


Are you thinking about doing something with all that graduate knowledge and those product ideas stuck in your head?  Pondering starting your own business?  Despite all your sunk time and effort, would you prefer to do your own thing than fight for a measly stipend job in academia?  Then this package is for you!

This 3-month package takes up to 4 graduate students at a time through all the needed steps to plan and launch their business, with particular consideration and effort given to the existing subject expertise and research experience you (or your research team) already has.  Over 12 brief 30-minute weekly sessions, we’ll go over how to first conceptualize your new product, analyze the market forces and craft a viable business case around this new product, figure out how to get the the best resources available swiftly (including maximizing startup and applied research grants designed for masters or doctoral students), visually map out the stage-by-stage growth milestones needed for success, and ensure that week-by-week we’re making measurable and accountable progress towards your goals.

This package is at a special price of $2000 total.  For most graduate students, they choose to instead spread over four $500 payments: $500 upfront, $500 at the start of the 3rd session, 6th session, and 9th session.  Teams are free to split these costs, making this coaching even more affordable!  As this is a special limited offer package, we’re currently only offering this to graduate students and only up until March 31st, 2017.