Neuro Technology

Ever wanted to try meditation, but found it a bit difficult?  Want more data about how team experience is going?  Could there be a way to check just how much engagement and equanimity you can bring forth in the moment?

Now there is.  The “Muse” is a neuro-feedback handband that plugs into your mobile phone, produced by a company based in Toronto called Interaxon.  It’s the cheapest, best designed, most customizable and mobile-friendly, and easiest-to-use neurofeedback device available!  Its sleek design uses 7 EEG sensors (spread mostly the pre-frontal and temporal lobes) to measure brain activation in terms of delta, theta, alpha, beta and gamma waves.  At its simplest, it’s an affordable and easy way to use neurofeedback to enhance mindfulness/meditation practice and track data on daily habits… but at its most robust, it’s a C# programmable mobile sensor platform that can allow a whole realm of new cutting edge neuro-performance analytics and applications!  Talent Edge is currently working on additional mobile applications that will allow the Muse to further help teams and leaders train more effectively, more deeply measure real-time team experiences, and track leadership development growth over time.

Feel free to browse more info on:  how it works, what it measures, or research.

If you think the Muse is the right tool for your developing leaders and teams, please feel free to order via this link to receive a 15% discount!  I suggest getting the Hard Case as well, given how sensitive the device is.


As of October 2017, Interaxon’s “Muse” is now being integrated into other technologies.  They’ve now partnered with Smith, high end eyewear company, to bring Muse’s neurosensor technology into their top-shelf sunglasses for a new product called “The Lowdown Focus“, currently priced at $450 CDN.

Lowdown Focus- green black model