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CHARACTER STRENGTHS SURVEY (free survey with emailed PDF results)

Interested in finding out more about your top Character Strengths that will help bring your productivity and better satisfaction?  Check out the VIA Character Strengths survey online for free.  From a set list 24 Strengths spread across 6 areas, this 120-question survey will rank order your strengths.  This then allows you to quickly see your top 5 Signature Strengths, and bottom 5 Areas For Growth.


This free downloadable PDF article deals with how Sales, Branding, and Support Operations can all benefit from Agile practices.

Prosocial Cues in Video Games and Personality Traits: Their Effect on Prosocial Thoughts, Video Game Prosocial Behaviour, and Actual Prosocial Behaviour

2011 Psychology Thesis working with Dr. Amanda Bolton, in downloadable PDF format.  This article touches upon areas of Social Cognition and cuing.  While the sample size was too small, the trends did point towards the positive impact of Prosocial within Video Games to produce real world behaviours changes, among some other results.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Personality & Leadership Styles

This whitepaper breaks down how the 16 permutations of the classic MBTI personality test then impact one’s leadership style.