Grit (FREE Grit Scale)

Coming from the Positive Psychology movement pioneered by Martin Seligman, Grit is an important concept.  It addresses how much perseverance one has and their able to expend willpower despite challenges.  Grit is closely to the more complex construct of Resilience and the very similar to the variable of Willpower.  More pragmatically, Grit seems to be an ever better predictor of Performance above other variables, such as IQ or academic GPA, especially in threshold constrained groups already possessing minimum required intelligence, skills, etc.  Much recent work on Grit comes out of Angela Duckworth’s research.

How much Grit do you have?  Feel free to download and use this FREE Grit Scale (in PDF format).  It uses 12 simple questions with 1 to 5 ratings to create a mean score.  How do you measure up?  How do your team members or leaders?