Rediscovering your Strengths & Passion

Are you a new entrepreneur, a manager or leader in the midst of transition, or perhaps just deeply disengaged and rethinking exactly what brings passion into your life?  Regardless of where you may have worked or what skills you were using, rediscovering your strengths is key for both outer fit and productivity but also inner engagement, meaning, and satisfaction.  How can we re-envision a life that aligns together your strengths and passions towards a worldly goal that offers you meaning and pragmatic sustainability?

The Assessment-oriented Question is a Symptomatic issue: “Why are you here?  What wasn’t working that you will no longer put up with?  Which of your strengths and competencies are not being fully brought into your life?”

The Goal-oriented Question is a Strategic issue: “Where do you want to get to?  What are you going after?  How do you want to experience your life and yourself?  What would a perfect workday look like?”

The Action-oriented Question is an Implementation issue: “What are the next steps to get from here to there?  How are you crafting these better habits starting tomorrow, 3 months from now, 1 year from, that will build this pathway to your best life?”

As per our Services Catalog, we can align these needs to fit within:

  • some elements of Crash Coaching or Biweekly Basic Coaching services

  • a 6-month Weekly Full Coaching package  (Eligible for 67% Training Subsidy in Canada!)

  • a 12-month Weekly Full Coaching  (Eligible for 67% Training Subsidy in Canada!)