Maximizing your Team

Are you a new manager, handling a new team, or just trying to amp up your processes and ways of working together more effectively?  Maximizing your team is a bottom-up effort which starts with each 1-to-1 team members relationship rapport to be built and the structural habits already in play.

The Assessment-oriented Question is a Symptomatic issue: “Why are you here?  What pain are you trying to solve or improve?”

The Goal-oriented Question is a Strategic issue: “Where do you want to get to?  What would you measure or what experience would let you know you’ve arrived their?”

The Action-oriented Question is an Implementation issue: “What are the next steps to get from here to there?  How are we, as a team, going to operate tomorrow, 3 months from now, 1 year from, that will build this pathway to our shared success?”

As per our Services Catalog, we can align these needs to fit within:

  • a 6-month Weekly Full Coaching package  (Eligible for 67% Training Subsidy in Canada!)

  • a 12-month Weekly Full Coaching  (Eligible for 67% Training Subsidy in Canada!)

  • Team Coaching can be included when multiple team members are involved in Full Coaching packages