Coaching Services

We have a range of Coaching Services.  All of them are geared towards helping different types of Leaders and Teams.

CLIENT NEEDS:  You might want to check out packages centered around needs such as…

Rediscovering Your Strengths & Passion

Maximizing Your Team

Leading Amidst Chaos


Our coaching and consulting can be accessed through a number of various sized packages designed to fit different size pricepoints and various ranges of leader and team needs.  Do any of these formats fit for your needs?

CRASH COACHING: Spans a two brief 30-minute to focus on a specific problem or training area

BIWEEKLY COACHING: Uses standard 60-minute sessions on a biweekly basis to help clients

PREMIUM PACKAGE COACHING: Is a weekly commitment which starts with a minimum of 6-months or beyond, which allows both classic Coaching and Consulting/Training components.  These packages also includes a number of assessments.