Character Strengths (FREE survey)

In our Team and Leadership Coaching, one of many important psychometric tools we use is to assess Character Strengths.  For this use, we’ve chosen the…

VIA Character Strengths survey.  It’s brief 20-minute consisting of 120 simple binary questions.  It rank orders these 24 Character Strengths based on your answers.

Why do we use Character Strengths?  They’re an easy introduction to psychometric work that anyone (even youth) can handle, by ranking these strengths it helps clarify the relative frequency or priority of how we tend to use these strengths, the 6 categories (wisdom, courage, humanity, justice, temperance, transcendence) further help clarify clusters of strengths, and the lower strengths help us in Shadow work (particularly useful in Leadership development).

How should you use this report?  The higher a strength is on the list, both the more naturally productive and quick to excel in that are you are but also most personality prone and self-identified with that area.  The opposite is true the lower a strength falls on this list.  For our purposes, we regarded:  your top five (#1 to #5) as your Signature Strengths, the next five (#6 to #10) as  your Secondary Strengths, and your bottom five (#20 to #24) your Shadow Strengths.  For Teams, this helps us see what gift we bring to the table and which we then need to surround ourselves with.  For developing Leaders, this helps spot the key areas they’re most able to excel and particularly being more awareness and self-management of their blind spots, most prone to causing problems and undermining organizational wellness.