A3 Report (FREE template)

A3 report example

Project Management can be as complicated- or simple- as we make it.  It’s easy to think that we need big plans, reports, or lengthy detailed strategies as a necessary first step before we let ourselves act.  But, in reality, they actually become inefficient, causing more use of time and resources than the plan is worth and myopically believing that ever more dynamic and ambiguous future states can be thoroughly predicted.

One solution to this Strategy and Operations problem?  The A3 report, first started by Toyota.  It uses Iterative Planning & Testing to quickly note the background context, how the problem is arising, and why solution is need.  It then clarifies how this solution will work and how you’ll get followup/feedback data.

You can feel free to download a simple single-page .doc version here, get a brief description of the Iterative Cycle it implies and why it works here, or search for other more robust versions online (many advanced versions using spreadsheets with multiple pages).  Feel free to tailor the depth and detail to fit your organization’s needs!