Q: Work styles & perspectives to get the most out of my teams?


Question: As a Leader, how can I tap into the various work styles and perspectives to get the most out of my teams?

Answer: Many leaders struggle with this, and we know engagement and cultural issues get harder and harder as the size and, with it, complexity of the organization grows.  It’s not just some ideological “different views” issue but one of how different personality see themselves, their natural role and tendencies towards others and the world, and given this how to best tap into their intrinsic passion and resourcefulness.  Deloitte has an answer to this “Business Chemistry” problem which they say is actually based on Brain Chemistry of these natural motivational personalities.

It relies on bringing together opposites and ensuring teams are well rounded.  As a leader, if means bolster the statistically outnumbered styles within the team- since that area is the least naturally generated and most in need of re-balancing.  



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