Q: B2B Leads?

Question: How can I get B2B leads online and offline?

Answer: Of all the 3 classic markets to sell to- B2C, B2B, or B2G- Business To Business is the most worthwhile and generally largest market size to sell to. So you chose well for your product/service!

The Sales Process is about Qualifying Leads. You want to ensure they fit your target market, and then that you know enough info about the client’s size, requirements, etc, to price them properly, and ultimately match your level of sales effort with their level of deal size and likelihood of buying. So, whether online or offline, Sales Process if key for B2B selling.

So how does one get Leads? There are lots of ways. You can buy lists. You can creep and scrape for client data online. Really, rather than just find “cold” leads you qualify, you want to find a way to generate “warm” leads of people already showing interest. Having a website that can offer up some download IF they give their name, email, phone is great for that. (Ex: You have a website in Management & Leadership, people come visit it, some viewer gives you his contact info so he can download a whitepaper PDF on “Transformational Leadership”). Really, it’s Marketing’s job to do “Demand Generation” and get those new Leads- hot or cold.

Overall, I should also note that innovation and delivering value is based off of expertise, which includes both actually have great expert knowledge and experience internally (expert power) and socially be seen and considering to have a good reputation in said field (brand or social capital). The more you can establish yourself (or your company) as an expert in that field, the better. For individuals, this can mean writing and blogging, videos, offering materials for download, and anything that helps you flourish your expertise and help those within the market. The same is true for company, though likely more downloadable whitepapers, webinars, and very much educating your target market on the right to approaching solve these market problems (which of course your product is the best solution for).

How do you do this offline? Get known for doing good work and asking for referrals. Also get good at talking to potential clients, finding common interest areas, and honing in on how you could help them (whether you actually even close a sale or not). Remember, you become an expert and you can expertly serve people’s need in a given area- that itself if creating and closing leads.


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