Q: Examples of Coaching Requests?

Questions: Could you provide examples of requests for coaching sessions?

Answer:   While Coaching is client-centered and practical enough that clients can bring literally any request to the session, their new Request that starts each session is often centered around a known theme of theirs. Themes of some of my past clients include transitioning into a new career, how to conceive their product and get money to grow their business, personal productivity, personal health, how to approach sales, lifestyle and relationship priorities, and lots of others in the realm of business and personal life.

Off-hand, just some specific Topics & Requests I’ve heard include:

  1. How do I get more productivity out of my day?
  2. What degree program should I pick?
  3. How do I find clients to sell this product/service?
  4. When and how should I workout? What will get the best results?
  5. Should I just focus on this startup fulltime (even if I have no revenue yet) or should I get a job and slowly build it up?
  6. How do I get funding for my startup’s product/service?
  7. Should I ask for a raise at my job? How do I approach that?
  8. How do I need to find to join my startup team and manage them to complement my strengths?

Rather than the specific Request itself, it’s more important that the Coach know how to best handle that Request as part of the structural Coaching Arc. This involves stages (often sequential) of getting the Topic and Request, getting more Familiar with the topic, Discovering more about why it’s so important (often, what’s the real motives in play), various Coaching techniques to be used, later on a State Change (hopefully), the final Awareness (think summary insight), Owning what the client learned/went through, clarifying next steps with Next Actions & Accountability, the Coach Acknowledging the client (their effort and progress, reinforcing the strengths they just used/displayed), and any close-out scheduling/logistics needed.


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